Merry Christmas and Welcome to Cellande Skincare. As a special thank you to all our wonderful customers who have supported us over the years we have decided to reward you with a free pair of quality designer sun glasses each time you make a purchase through the month of December.

Along with all of our other special offers this Christmas, Every Purchase will receive a pair of Quality Designer Sun Glasses for Free. All you have to do is choose which ones you would like. There will be new styles loaded every day, so it will pay to check back daily to see what is new and what is on offer. We have over 2000 pairs of Quality Designer Men’s and Ladies Sun Glasses to Give Away, these were left over from when we had our Brisbane and Gold Coast Stores so what better way to reward our customer than with a great give away.

Just Click on the pair you would like and add them to your shopping cart. To continue your shopping hit the continue shopping button on the shopping bag and it will take you back to the product store where you can continue to select the products you may like to purchase or add to your order.

Please Enjoy This Little Gift From Us

There is a limit to one pair of designer sun glasses per order. This does not stop you from receiving another pair of quality sun glasses next time you shop with us.

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